Carpet & Flooring in Kingswood, Surrey

Looking for new carpets or flooring in Kingswood? We guarantee we'll offer the lowest quotation. 

We're located a stone's throw from Kingswood on Banstead High Street, Surrey.


Whether you're residential, commercial or corporate, we're well worth the trip down the A217: Established over 35 years, we're a friendly and professional team with a huge range of products on offer, serving all budgets.


Partner, Terry, is a member of the Kingswood Chapter of the British Networking Institute (BNI). He's regularly in the vicinity, so if you can't get to us and are local to Kingswood, he can always drop samples off to you and chat about your plans over a cuppa. 


We reckon it's always best to have a quick natter before you arrive. So why not give us a call on the number over there and see if you like the cut of our jib.

Seabrook Graham Carpet & Flooring
near Kingswood, Surrey, at:


Stanton Davies

41 High Street



Tel. 01737 652 055