Carpet & Flooring in Westerham, Kent

In need of quality carpet and flooring in Westerham? Seabrook Graham on Westerham High Street guarantees the lowest quotation.

Our display at the Interior Design Studios in the heart of beautiful and historic Westerham showcases a selection of our finest ranges of carpet and flooring and is viewable 7 days.


Our friendly and professional team has served Westerham and the neighbouring areas of Kent for over 35 years and we're well accustomed to rolling up our sleeves in the most bespoke and sumptuous of installations. 


We say it's always best to have a quick chat before you arrive. So why not give us a call and see if you like the cut of our jib.


If you can’t get to our store but are local to Westerham, we can always bring our samples to you. Yes, they're free - and no, we'd never pressure-quote in your home. 


Seabrook Graham Carpet & Flooring
in Westerham, Kent

(at Interior Design Studios)


19 Market Square

High Street



TN16 1AN


Open 7 days (yep, really!)

Tel. : 01959 422 011

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