Curtains, Blinds, Sofa and Chandeliers

Curtains and blinds? But your tagline says...

Yes, first and foremost we're a carpet and flooring outfit. But for as long as we've been dressing floors in homes, hotels and offices, we've collaborated with equally established local curtain and blind makers who know more than a pelmet or two about dressing windows.


We won't say too much here, after all, you've likely stumbled onto this page out of curiosity. Perhaps just bear in mind that when next rifling through all manner of blinds, fabrics, and other soft furnishings to match that lovely new floor we've laid, you can always get back in touch with us.


Of course, you view fabric and flooring side-by-side at one of our concessions in various interior design stores, where our most popular residential ranges are always on display. At Westerham, our carpet and flooring feature alongside the finest bespoke sofas, chairs, chandeliers, ornaments and wall hangings, and is open 7 days. Why not enjoy some time out to this historic charming market town.